INTEGRAL BLINDS | Cordless and Motorised Integral Sealed Unit Blinds

When your view is as good as this then only our ultra fine Cordless & Wandless SwiftGlide Integral blinds really will do.


Between Glass BlindsOur Integral Blinds also known as interstitial blinds or integrated blinds are high quality aluminium venetian blinds in between two panes of toughened glass that form a double glazed sealed unit. Operated by magnets with no unsightly wands and quite definitely no old fashioned cords have guide rails that prevent the magnets being removed from the glass and so were an ideal solution for the home of Mr & Mrs "E" overlooking the stunning Irton Fell and Latter Barrow Crag in the Copeland District in Cumbria

Voted one of the most stunning views in the United Kingdom it was important to Mr and Mrs "E" that whilst they did what they could to reduce solar gain and glare, that they did nothing to detract from their views.

Having looked at all major integral blind systems they decided on our system as it had no wands or cords and was available in the colour they wanted in addition to being the most low profile system in its design and construction.

Supplied inside double glazed sealed units comprising Pilkington Activ Neutral and Planitherm Total plus with Argon Gas the product will also work as an excellent insulator in the bitterly cold winter months when the building which is highly exposed gets the full force to the weather.

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Easy to install like any other standard double glazed sealed unit.

venetian blinds inside glass

Our integral blinds are as standard what are called 4-20-4 double glazed sealed units.

That simply means 4mm glass... 20mm cavity and then another pane of 4mm glass.

The Inner Pane on external sealed unit blinds is usually Saint Gobain Planitherm Total +, an advanced form of low E glass that reflects radiated heat back into the room reducing your energy bills.

Safety Glass

The glass we use is always safety glass, usually toughened. But sometimes laminated is used in certain applications such as where security, acoustic performance or fire rating is a consideration.