INTEGRAL BLINDS | Cordless and Motorised Integral Sealed Unit Blinds

INTEGRAL BLINDS | Jet Black Venetian Slats in an Ultra White Perimetre Frame

With our integral blinds sealed units we have over a dozen colour options as standard and unlimited colour choices on extended orders.

You can even have the perimetre frame that contains the mechanisms that make our smart Cordless & Wandless System work a different colour from the venetian slats.

In this project that had UPVC frames that we black outside and white inside... the lady of the house chose to have our ultra white for the perimetre frame and Jet Black for the venetian slats.


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Manufactured inside double glazed sealed units.

Our integral blinds are available in a choice of double glazed sealed units including with toughened safety glass as well as of course low emissivity glazing and Self Cleaning & Solar Control Glass